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Here we showcase classical adventures, swashbucklers
on the high seas & tales of the Old West.



Adventure Swashbucklers Westerns

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Conrad, Joseph

Haggard, H. Rider

Henty, G.A.

Hull, E.M.

Ibanez, Vincent

Lang, Andrew

London, Jack

Mundy, Talbot

Scott, Sir Walter

Swift, Jonathan

Shellabarger, Samuel


Bowen, Marjorie

Dumas, Alexandre

Farnol, Jeffrey

Forester, C. S.

Hope, Anthony

Howard, Robert

Mason, Van Wyck

Orczy, Baroness

Parrish, Randall

Sabatini, Rafael

Stevenson, Robert L.


Beach, Rex

Brand, Max

Connor, Ralph

Curwood, James Oliver

Grey, Zane

Hendryx, James

James, Will

Kyne, Peter

L'Amour, Louis

Raine, William MacLeod

Seltzer, Charles Alden

Wister, Owen



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